3 Reasons Off Page SEO Is Important

Jan 13, 2016 | SEO

In today’s day and age SEO, or search engine optimization, is what all online writers live and die by. Knowing how SEO works is key in creating any kind of audience for any of your work. Having the popular, and searchable, words within your page or having a great eye-grabbing headline will make any Internet user visit your page at least once.

Most online marketing companies see SEO as a new way to advertise products and such though text based user generated content. Emerging Media Partners is one of those companies. Their website focuses on all kinds ways on how to market products and services with SEO, as well as other ways like pay-per click and social media campaigns.

Most online writers know of on page SEO. On page SEO are SEO techniques being used on the page itself, like the keywords or the headlines. It is the easiest way to gain a halfway decent SEO presence. The other way is off page SEO, which most writers are not too familiar with. Off page SEO is just as important as on page, and can even wield greater results than on page SEO.

Perfect for Helping Social Media Campaigns

One of the biggest features that make up off page SEO is social media connections. Having an article or picture shared on all kinds of social media outlets, like Twitter and Facebook, can result in more users taking a look at what has been created. Sharing the user generated content, whether it be a breaking hard news story or a silly, but fun, top 10 list can result it appearing more and more in a search engine’s results. Social media is arguably the best outlet to share something on the Internet.

Great Way to Network

A main component of off page SEO are the various links to other websites, or sources posted on the bottom of the page. While the links need to be formatted properly, having links to other websites is a great way to network with them, and possibly create a friendly relationship between the two. Having another website share a web page from a different site is a great way to get the article’s relevance up.

Location, Location, Location

How Google and other search engines track an Internet user is a little scary, almost as if it is out of a sci-fi horror film. However, knowing where the page is located and where the Internet user is located will help the page show up in local search results. This is very important for news websites for example, because there is a large group of Internet users that want to know the news around the area. Plus, those results will come up, bringing the news closer to the news readers.

Off page SEO is great for more than three reasons, but the three reasons are some of the most important details on why it should be used. It is ideal for any current online writer to start using off page SEO techniques into their arsenal. Off page SEO will absolutely help give the writer an audience they deserve after putting in the hard work that they have done.

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