Aerial Drone Video Production Service

Events, Corporate, News, Custom, Film, TV, Music Video

Add new dimmensions and get a different perspective for your videos to increase the impact and engagement factor. Our aerial video production and drone operation service based out of Orange County, Ca serves local, national and global clients. We have partnered with Global Drone Video to help serve clientele in various markets ranging from LA, NY, United Kingdom, Dubai, and more. 

Experienced Drone Operators and Aerial Videographers add value to your video production project whether for a live or recorded event or something custom such as for TV & Film. Clear aerial drone operation pricing, video editing, and video marketing proposal that outlines expectations, and video deliverables. 

    Aerial Photography & Videography Services USA

    Licensed Pilots to film your project giving you peace of mind that regulations are being followed and no unexpected interruptions to production will happen that can be avoided.

    Videos & Media embedded into your website, landing pages, online collateral like brochures, and more to showcase your brand’s story.

    Video Marketing solutions to help drive viewership of your new video to your target audience whether customers, new users, the press, your followers, investors, partners or other stakeholders.

    Video Editing services to turn the raw footage filmed during your drone video shoots into a beautiful finished product you can share with your customers, family, investors, the press, use for TV/Film or any other use.

    HD & 4K quality options or better to capture everything in the best footage possible. For enterprise users we can also fly industry grade cinema cameras or DSLRs for specific needs.

    Enterprise Data Center supporting your brand’s online presence and content created throughout our process around the clock with a 24/7/365 Network Operations Center (NOC) and support teams to resolve issues immediately and ensure uptime SLAs.

    Professional Equipment used on all projects to provide the utmost in reliability, range, time in air, quality of footage, safety and produce the best results for our aerial drone clientele around the world.

    Surveying & Mapping technologies available for advanced engineering needs of all structures, land, assets or project areas whether commercial, residential or other developments

    Insured Drone Pilots so that you can have peace of mind during the shoot and know that there are resources available should any unexpected factors come into play during a shoot.

    Film Anything, Film Everywhere turn to EMP and GDV as partners for all of your creative aerial photography and drone video needs. We have pilots all over the world on our team and are able to travel to our client’s filming locations.

    Multi-Camera filming options available when you need to capture an exact moment from multiple angles in the air and/or on ground. Whether you need multiple drones or a 360 camera, we can handle it.

    Secure Cloud Footage Access is offered to our clients to easily get to their footage online 24/7/365 whether photos, videos and/or multiple filming dates/locations.

    Casting services as an option when you need professional male or female acting such as for a promotional video, commercial, training video, documentary, or other need.

    Quality Control Team hard at work to ensure standards and regulations are followed, best practices utilized, and best results filmed every time.

    Dedicated Account Specialist always there to answer questions, review results and work progress, help you order upgrades and make changes to your video or photo content in a streamlined fashion so you don’t waste any time.

    Heat Mapping & Infrared solutions for any needs ranging from engineering and surveying to search and rescue, reporting, investment decisions and more.



    • Ability to shoot indoor or outdoor, in extreme conditions, & long distance
    • Help pulling permits, planning necessary resources, and scheduling
    • Professional video editing service with revisions to materialize your dream
    • Discounts for multi-day shoots, multi-location shoots, & bundled services
    • Shoot video in 4K, 1080 HD ranging from Red Cameras to 5D Mark III’s
    • Experience in varied industries from Fortune 500 to realty & celebrity
    • Local (Orange County, Ca), National and Global service offered
    • Video promotion campaigns across Youtube & other syndication platforms
    • Order this as an addon to other marketing campaigns & design work from us
    • Stabilized footage, speed-up or slow-down to fit your need or aeral video scene

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