Any Digital Marketing Strategy Without Great Web Design is No Good

Sep 12, 2022 | Web Design

More often than not, a website serves as the backbone of any business’s digital presence. All the online marketing efforts typically lead visitors to websites, where they’re required to perform desired actions. These could be making a purchase, joining a club, or signing up for a social cause. When users visit your website, it’s important for them to have good experiences, failing which they might head to competitors. This is where web design enters the picture.


The Benefits of Web Design in Digital Marketing

Data released by Statista shows that 74.3% of Americans made online purchases in 2021. This number is expected to cross the 80% mark by 2025. If you don’t get your web design right, there’s a good chance you’ll lose out on your share of the pie. Fortunately, the converse holds true as well, because good web design comes with multiple benefits.


  • Helps SEO. Even the best-looking websites won’t serve the intended purpose if they don’t get enough visitors through online search engines such as Google and Bing. Good web design incorporates different elements of search engine optimization (SEO), which helps people find your website when they carry out relevant online searches.
  • Creates a good first impression. Once visitors get to your website, it’s imperative that they have a good first impression, failing which they will leave. Your web design should ideally be able to convey your value proposition in less than 10 seconds.
  • Provides a good user experience. Good web design agencies always keep users in mind and aim to deliver great user experiences. This requires creating a website that’s intuitive and easy to use. It’s also important for users to be able to find the information they’re looking for with ease. Responsive web design ensures that your website performs equally well across all types of devices, further enhancing user experience.
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO). The conversion rate of a website gives you a clear indication of how many visitors performed desired actions. Web design that pays due attention to aspects such as layouts, colors, navigation, and wording helps with conversion rate optimization (CRO).
  • Branding. Your brand refers to the story that helps people connect with the products or services you offer. In the online world, your business feels more authentic and appealing when your website is in line with its overall branding. If your website’s design reflects consistency in branding, it helps build recognition with your target audience.


Aspects That Need Your Attention

When you carry out a review of your website, it’s important that you pay attention to a few factors that help determine the effectiveness of the website’s design.

  • Loading speed. The longer your website takes to load, the higher the possibility of users leaving.
  • Responsiveness.In 2021, retail mobile e-commerce sales in the U.S. exceeded $360 billion. If your website functions poorly on mobile devices, you stand to lose out of a significant chunk of your target audience.
  • SEO.Find out where your website stands when it comes to Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) rankings. These help highlight the effectiveness of your SEO strategies.
  • Conversion rates.If the conversion rate of your website is not up to the mark, there’s a possibility that you may need to give its overall design another look.
  • Competition.Taking a look at your competitors’ websites gives you an indication of what they’re doing right and it also helps you identify areas of improvement.



Web design holds the potential to make a significant impact on the way people perceive a brand online, so it’s crucial to incorporate it into your digital marketing strategy. Bear in mind that even seemingly innocuous mistakes in web designs can come with avoidable consequences, which is why you need to target perfection. If you don’t have the required know-how, working with a professional web design agency might be in your best interest.

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