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Mobile Apps

User Experience

VIsual Design

App Development

Dedicated on creating great apps that don’t just look nice but actually get used. Our team helps you design a user-interface that is simple and friendly yet connects them to the tools, services, information, products or process that your brand intends.

App development isn’t just about the design either,  you need the right team to see it through to launch and marketing to quickly improve features, fix issues and optimize experience across devices. EMP is here as your app development partner to take your brand mobile.


Our Design & Development Process

From planning to design, production and launch we are here to help you and give you the confidence to go-to-market with your newly designed custom app

Strategy & Roadmap.

Coming up with an initial timeline, budget, go-to-market strategy and concept of what you want to show to your daily end-users within the app.

Visual & UX Design

Creating apps that are beautiful and inspire users to come back for more and enjoy the process of interacting with your brand’s offerings online.


Customizing your app for launch across major app stores such as Apple Apple Store, Google’s Android Play Store and new devices coming to market.

Launch & Monitor

Submitting you to the app store is just the start, we help you respond to customer feedback and improve features and also market to new users.

What We Build For







Food & Drink




Sports & Fitness 

Real Estate 




From Finance Apps to Games

Games & EdTech Development

UI Design, Coding & App Dev

A full suite of app programming services for apps across various verticals including those for education and entertainment. Once an app project has completed the production stage we can begin to help market it live on the major app stores from Apple & Google’s Android.

Marketing Services Offered to: Increase Downloads • Grow Reviews

What We Offer 

A full suite of solutions offered for small and large brands to get their app designed and launched to the app store with on-going management services to help engage users, respond to feedback and provide fixes, and market the app to generate new downloads, reviews and daily users

Mobile App Development

Designed across all major platforms with the end-user in mind from our pro-design team and custom coding experts ready to materialize your vision now

Roadmap & Strategy

Setting a workable schedule and keeping to it so you can keep your core-business goals in-line and timed to your launch date for the app

Backend & API Development

We connect your app to your website or other important portals to sync in the data that is needed to provide ultimate utility for your custom app

User Centric Experiences

Designed to engage  yor users and ensure they are happy using your app and coming back for more whether you have a tool, blog, game or other app

WorldClass Support

Our team is available to quickly answer questions, resolve technology issues or communicate with app store providers to keep app uptime 24/7/365

Data backups

Yourr sensitive data is protected through encryption and stored on highly secure enterprise tier servers at our data-center partners facilities or in the cloud

FAST FIXES & Updates

Inevitably even the best APP will need some improvement whether related to an error or not, our team is available to quickly fix issues that may arise


Quality programmers and designers to take your app from idea to creation and live on the app store in a reliable timely manner with beautiful visuals


Setting up your app to easily communicate with your existing business systems such as CRM, ERP, E-Mail Marketing & more to increase ROI from the APP

Users on mobile devices



“We chose the EMP team to design our private investor portal because they understood more than just making an app. They have deep experience with the integration of apps with existing data and the follow through to help us market the app to our private audience upon completion. Full service is what sold us and keeps us managing all of our other marketing with EMP”


“App development can require access to your internal information systems that you want to connect to your users. We required a trusted partner to have the quality team able to interface with these legacy and modern platforms but also the transparency to keep us confident and at ease throughout the process. Emerging Media Partners came recommended and we still use them years later now”


Already Know the Details of Your Project?

Let’s discuss your goals, vision and target market for your app and come up with a solid launch strategy, timeline, and budget to get you live on the app store fast with a quality app.


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