Benefits of Marketing Automation

Jun 4, 2015 | Marketing Tips


Marketing automation is defined as a software platform designed for marketing companies to market more efficiently by automating tasks that would otherwise have to be done manually. Marketing automation streamlines the marketing process, making it more possible to boost performance. By being a part of online marketing, your business can get more recognition. There are many benefits associated with marketing automation, all of which will boost your company’s productivity.


Streamline Marketing and Sales


Marketing automation makes it easier for a company to reach out to current customers and gain new ones. The purpose of marketing automation is for businesses to share updates, company information, sales, and promote the company. Having someone do these things manually can take away from the time that could be spend doing other work. Instead of having to hire someone specifically for marketing purposes, you and your company can continue working on ongoing promotions or campaigns to boost sales.


Stay Consistent


The more frequently you market the more customers you will acquire and the more brand recognition you will receive. Companies and businesses that do online marketing are giving their customers constant updates over social media about what is happening with the company, as well as emailing current and potential customers about sales and promotions. Regular updates on social media, email, and websites can help a company expand its name. Soon there will be interested customers visiting the website for more information, as well as following the company on social media outlets. Another important feature marketing automation can have is answering customer questions instead of having an employee do it. This helps customers feel appreciated and a part of the company’s team instead of just reading about it.


Save Time and Money


Having to hire someone with the specific task of online marketing in mind means, you must also put this person on your payroll. While some companies do not necessarily mind this, others may decide that someone they have already hired can do this task. However, if someone from your team of employees is designated the task of handling marketing for the social media outlets, email, and website, they are being taken away from their regular duties. By choosing to go with automated marketing instead, less time is spent on manual marketing so you and your team can focus on important tasks. This also means money is not being taken away from the company when you can program a computer to do the same basic tasks.


Reach Out to Customers


Marketing automation has another feature that can segment customers into groups, depending on the product they buy or the service they are interested in. This grouping makes it easier for companies and businesses to reach out to their customers. By separating their customers, a company can pinpoint their specific needs and keep them interested with relevant marketing. Instead of getting emails about general promotions or information, customers can get emails about products and services they have previously bought or used. That way they are more likely to do business with the same company again.


Marketing automation saves a company time and money, while also expanding their business. For a business to be successful today, it must be modern and fast, which means having a website or social media outlet is necessary. Because companies are also trying to grow every day, having a software platform to do basic, marketing tasks for you can save you the hassle of trying to do it yourself.

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