Colors that Work Poorly in Website Design

Aug 19, 2015 | Uncategorized

Colors are a silent communicator. They evoke certain moods in people, either improving it or sending it into a downward spiral of gloom. Colors can influence the perspective people have on a topic or product as well. This is why it is so important of keep in mind what colors you are using when designing and creating a website. You want the colors that you use when displaying your products and services on a website to draw people in and gain their attention—not turn it away. It is important to know what colors will have a greater impact on your target audience, without pushing them away or seeming to obnoxious. You want to intrigue their attention and keep it with soothing color schemes as they rifle through you online marketing and advertisements.


Here are a few colors to keep in mind that work poorly in web design.


  • Yellow


Yellow is a color that is associated with warning signs. Though it sounds explanatory, that is something you want to avoid when designing a website.  Though in some cases it is used with products that are supposed to be for fun purposes—it can also evoke a negative association with whatever product is being advertised or displayed by the color. You do not want your audiences to be turned away from your products or services because of a condition response.


  • Neon colors


Though neon color combinations are eye-catching, they can prove to be very irritating to the audience that you are trying to advertise to. They cause the eyes to tire quickly and will just come off as more of an annoyance than trying and sustain someone’s attention. It will work against the positive feelings and excitement level that companies try to accomplish when marketing and advertising. It will cause their customers to associate a different type of emotion with their brand and associated products and services.


  • Bright blue


Though blue is usually used as a long to evoke trust with customers in website design, a bright blue background may produce a different effect. Bright blue is a color that is too strong to use as a background color if the website design is constructed or executed poorly. It can be very effective when used correctly, but it is a difficult effect to achieve. The brighter the blue, the more difficult it will be to look at for extended periods of time. There are also very few color options to use for text when the background is very bright.
When trying to decide on a color scheme for a website design it is important that the colors coordinate. If you have text that is a color that is not within the color scheme it can throw off your entire effect that you are trying to create with your website. Darker color schemes are easier on the eyes and allow people not to lose their focus and not get distracted by obnoxious colors in product placements or fonts. Color scheme is key factor of web design for any brand to utilize to their advantage in marketing strategies for their services and products.

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