Global Call Center Management Service

Scripting, Training, Incentivizing, Warming And Closing Your Leads

Go after new business while also increasing brand awareness with a telemarketing campaign that pitches new potential customers, or provides up sells and cross-sells to your existing client base.

Telemarketing Campaign Planning & Management

We Get Your Brand In Front Of New Customers On The Phone

Focus on your core business capabilities and competencies and let a telemarketing management company help you turn your existing or new telemarketing list into sales revenue rather than sitting there in excel or customer databases.

Schedule New Appointments, Close New Deals

General Customer Support or Sales Call Center Setup

Our call center design & management team will spend time to learn about what your website, brand, product, or service is all about. This translates into a more customized script, educated telemarketing staff, and ultimately better calling results for you whether that means more new orders or happy customers from issues dealt with faster.


We train, coach, mentor & manage telemarketing staff for your needs

24/7/365 call answering services available to be always available

Multi-lingual telemarketing campaign for foreign & emerging markets

Automatic call recording available to monitor staff interaction with your leads

Upselling and cross selling of your other products, services, partners or affiliates

Easily bundle telemarketing with our global branding & marketing services

Local USA telemarketing staff, International team available as well

Experience in varied industries from Fortune 500 to realty & celebrity

Change primary product, service and pitch as the calling campaign progresses

Local (Orange County, Ca), National and Global service offered

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