Viral Video Marketing & Blogging Service

Promoting Your Video Through Social, Web & Sponsored Placements

You have an extremely creative and/or educational video that just needs to be seen by your target video marketing demographic, but no viewership, what do you do? This is where our expert local, national and global video marketing team come in. 

Strategic video blogging and social media promotion including influencer outreach and journalist submission to increased video viewership and ultimately enhance video conversion and engagement. Our on-call video marketing team is ready to get a video promo campaign initialized immediately on short notice for time-sensitive video release campaigns targeting event registrations, item purchases, service consultations and more.



  • Targeted blogger and social media outreach to your demographic
  • Project management portal to track shares, content & cross-promotion
  • Extensive network of journalists, bloggers, social influencers, & celebrity
  • Fixed pricing structure for different time length campaigns, 3, 6, 12 months
  • Google safe strategies with white hat best-practices, no spamming
  • Experience in varied industries from Fortune 500 to realty & celebrity
  • Local (Orange County, Ca), National and Global service offered
  • Diversify your efforts across several channels to increase touch points
  • Integrates well with our other packages such as video production & youtube ads
  • Client feedback and insight integrated into the campaign from day 1

People want to just click play, give them that opportunity.
-EMP CEO, Josh Bois

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