How Soon Should We Consider Marketing Automation?

Aug 6, 2015 | Marketing Tips


If you have heard of the term marketing automation, you probably want to rip your hair out, right? This tool is not only the perfect option for businesses, but it will help shape new businesses in a great way. The tool is extremely valuable and if you are ready to consider marketing automation for your business, you are not alone. There are a number of business who currently use it and you may be one of the next ones to hop on board. Before you do just jump on the wagon, consider whether it is even time for you to think about it.

Where Are You with Content Marketing?

Before you begin marketing automation, you need to make sure that you have marketed yourself and it was done well. You want to make sure you are always getting people to your website with a proactive approach to the marketing industry. If you want to consider marketing automation, you need to consider whether drip campaigns, email marketing, and other types of marketing will benefit your company. For marketing automation to work, your company must already have a solid marketing campaign in place.

Do You Have Leads?

If you have a couple leads here and there, it is likely not enough to warrant automated marketing. It is important for you to sit down and think about the different types of leads you have, how many you have, how to boost the numbers, and where they are coming from. Until you have a grasp on this, marketing automation will not prove to be fruitful for you.

How Well Do You Know Your Audience?

If you are not sure who your audience is and you do not know them inside and out, then you need to rethink marketing automation. When you do utilize automation, you need to create a campaign that will sit well with people and they will be able to connect with the information. If you do not know who your audience is, then you cannot do this.

Are You Prepared?

If your company is not prepared to take on the marketing automation itself, will you be hiring someone else to do it? If so, will you have the funds to keep that company employed to help you? It is important to make sure you have the funds needed or the employees you can place on full-time marketing automation.

Rethink Your Strategy and Know before You Say Yes

Before you say you want to switch over to marketing automation, consider the points we just went over. You need to know that your company can handle it and that you know your audience well enough to handle this type of thing. If not, sit back and rethink your decision and how you can move closer to being ready to switch to marketing automation.

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