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Have our team reach out to influencers to grow your content viewership and increase shares, engagement & reach

We here at EMP usually recommend a balanced multi-channel marketing strategy including organic and paid ad campaigns among other types of marketing. One exciting new marketing avenue for many businesses is that of influencer marketing; however most brands do not know where to begin or how to craft a working strategy for this.
Our global marketing team has experience not only working with influencers but being paid by Fortune 500 brands and companies around the world as an influencer as well. We understand the pricing and engagement models, how to negotiate, what to track, how to reach out, and can create beautiful photos and videos of your interactions with influencers that we can use on your website, social media and video sharing profiles like Youtube.
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Consistent Outreach Efforts

Based on your plan with us to message influencers daily, weekly, or monthly about your product/service and get them to share it or create custom content

Technology & Management

Platforms integrated to allow transparency to our clients as to who’s being messaged, when, and the status. See where things are going and make adjustments

Strategic Network Relationships

Extended from our team to yours. Our experience working with high-profile celebrities, influencers, investors, entrepreneurs and CEO’s around the world

Global Influencer Partnerships

With third party networks and agencies allow us to provide our clients with access to top-tier influencers with verified profiles, major press exposure


Extensive Industry Research

To find the best social content leaders to present your messaging and collaboration opportunity to

Engagement Numbers Verification

To give brand’s confidence in the effectiveness and worthiness of various influencer opportunities.

Kiosk Digital Experiences

Ranging from the user interface of kiosks to custom multimedia and video content, animations & CRM integrations.


Tracking Analytics Integration

Setup on links and media, accounts, and more to advise our clients on progress with influencer campaigns and return on investment.

Swag & Giveaway Product Designs

To provide your team and customers gear that matches your brand that they can rep you in all over. Customize any product you want with your branding and send to production

Social Media & Online Profile

Designed to match your brand across the web on all relevant platforms you want to drive traffic or gain visibility and attention from.

Dedicated Account Specialist

Always there to answer questions, review results and work progress, order upgrades and make changes to your corporate identity quickly so you can focus on your product.


Videography & Photo Shoots

Services provided to film you and the influencer and/or any influencer with your product, at your event, at your location or other desires.

Graphic Design & Visual Artists

Inhouse here at EMP can create custom assets for your influencer to share based on your current offer, product line, advertising objectives and campaigns.

Influencer Outreach Pricing

We reach out to your industries top influencers most relevant to your brand to secure collaboration opportunities for you, and increase your engagement and shares, improve market visibility and public image. Grow revenue from influencer marketing today.


Have our team reach out to influencers to grow your content viewership and increase shares, engagement & reach



  • Accelerated brand visibility and market-share growth
  • Strategic targeting of leaders in your space on social
  • Increase lead-generation pipeline & online conversions
  • Become press-worthy and improve public brand image
  • Go after new market segments and lines of business fast
  • Develop a deeper relationship with your industries key people
  • Content creation opportunities from new perspectives & experts
  • Improve customer confidence with major approval from top influencers
  • Global and local opportunities to feature your products everywhere
  • Decrease spend on PPC ads and build a long-term sales funnel

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