Custom Integrations For Your Workflow

These are a few example integrations built for customers to connect their active technology platforms. EMP configures and/or customizes for your unique business workflow needs that will add value, improve staff productivity, and save costs.
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Connect Zoho with WordPress

Full suite of Zoho and WP integration from lead forms to chat, analytics, support tickets, automations and insights, subscriptions and more. EMP can integrate most Zoho services with your WP website.

Connect Calendly with Zoom

When new leads schedule meetings through your website’s integration of Calendly, we can have Zoom meetings automatically setup and prepared for your staff to interact with new leads or clients.

Connect Salesforce with Shopify

Send orders, leads and customer info from your e-commerce to your CRM along with any other custom data you need to access for an ideal, optimized integration. EMP can build it out to your specs.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can you integrate any platform to any platform?

There are a variety of factors that come into play when analyzing if we can integrate two platforms. Typically if both platforms have an API, ideally with strong documentation and developer support, then there is a reasonably good chance that an integration can be developed. Complexity, project scope and timeframe also are factors when providing estimates for development.

Are you able to connect apps to the web?
Our full stack custom development team has built over 450+ solutions and successfully integrated many mobile apps with their web platform components from databases to scripts, custom APIs, and systems.

We’re here to support your business goals by materializing your technology dreams through elegant UI and reliable code. Discuss your project with our experts to find out more about our capabilities and showcased work!

How long does it take to build an integration?
This varies depending on what we are integrating. Many major platforms such as CRMs, ERPs, E-commerce, Analytics, and more are becoming more open to third party integration leading to quicker turnaround times.

For simpler connections such as a web-form that may create a new lead upon completion in a popular CRM platform may be connected, tested and live within days; whereas a more custom integration development could take weeks or months depending on the scope.

Can you debug / fix existing integrations?

Yes! Over time many pre-built integrations between platforms you have may become out-dated and broken or need to be updated to work again. Our team can assess your unique situation and provide an estimation as to timeline, resources needed and a development strategy.

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