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Small Business SEO Firm Serving Orange County, Ca & Global Clients

Whether your business is completely based off of online sales or if you are diversifying your brick-and-mortar revenue with e-commerce revenue we can help grow your digital profits. Ranking higher in major search engine platforms such as Google, Bing & Yahoo among other up and comers or niche engines on social networks, requires long term consistency and oversight.

EMP only utilizes best practices and implements “white hat” SEO strategies for our search clients. This essentially mean we strictly adhere to guidelines set by search engines such as Google for digitally promoting online brands without resorting to spamming related tactics. EMP focuses long-term for our clients



        • Extensive research into the client’s market & competitor pre-campaign
        • Track ranking progress, content production & link building 24/7
        • Weekly/Monthly Physical meetings and/or video/audio conference calls
        • No hidden fees, fixed & hourly services available, pre-pay discounts
        • Google safe strategies with white hat best-practices, no spamming
        • Experience in varied industries from Fortune 500 to realty & celebrity
        • Local (Orange County, Ca), National and Global service offered
        • On-Page & Off-Page strategies utilized to diversify efforts
        • Easily bundle SEO with other digital marketing services from EMP
        • Control direction of work, focus keywords & more as campaign progresses

    SEO Service Features

    XML Page, Image, & Video Sitemaps created and submitted to major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo to index your content, every single page and media asset that you want public.

    Blog Management & Posting keeping new fresh content being released on your website on a daily, weekly or monthly basis (depending on your plan) to get ranked for new keywords, improve rank of existing keywords, and go after long-tail-keywords that may bring more future traffic.

    SEO Page & Post Writing to ensure your content ranging from your home page to your services, resources, and news is optimized to be ranked on search engines with proper usage of headings, meta, content length, keyword focus, structure, and aesthetic. 

    Full SEO Website Audit to address SEO issues on your website’s pages early to resolve them and re-submit to search engines after fixing, improving ranking for those pages and adhering to SEO best practices.

    Videos & Media embedded into your website, landing pages, online collateral like brochures, and more to showcase your brand’s story

    Software & Platform Optimization services to have our team dive into your existing systems in place to manage your funnel, automation, landing pages, keywords, or other uses.

    White-Hat SEO Strategies utilized to help improve your Search Engine Rankings over time in a controlled, reliable manner that doesn’t hurt you in the long run. Safe tactics mean no stuffing of keywords to an extent that it will backfire and hurt your standings for those search phrases.

    Press Release Writing Services getting your news, launch, product updates, investors closed, or other information out to the main stream and the press. Strategic writing embedding your keywords, mission statement, and key assets of your story are included.

    Enterprise Data Center supporting your brand’s online presence around the clock with a 24/7/365 Network Operations Center (NOC) and support teams to resolve issues immediately and ensure uptime SLAs

    User Experience (UX)  Monitoring to not just ensure your website is up and running but a consistent user interface and flow is being shown as expected keeping your brand available the way it was meant to be

    Hardware & Server Optimization for clients on our enterprise level hosting or on their hardware, we can work to install caching, upgrade important software such as OS, PHP, Apache, MySQL, SQL Server, IIS and other systems to improve reliability and speed thus improving SEO.

    Outbound Link Building offered to reach out to existing high-ranking web properties that may feature your content, allow us to submit content, or collaborate on news release about your brand.

    Keyword Ranking Reports provided to our customers on a scheduled basis so they can easily assess progress, SEO results, and improvements in keyword standing. 

    Competitive Intelligence Data researched and provided to our customers showing current keyword rankings and even cost-per-click data on your top competitors. We can also compare your ranking to theirs in on-going reports to monitor and close-the-gap to beating them out for those keywords on search.

    Expert Copywriters utilized to create content in your primary language(s) of customers whether US based, targeted world wide regions or globally.

    Social Media Syncing technologies to bring posts from all of your accounts into a centralized feed for your customers, on your site, to also keep a fresh stream of new content coming in to keep content update frequency high and search engines algorithms happy with your site.

    Analytics & Reporting integrations to track sources of new leads, conversions, inbound click intent, and more. Easily access and share reports with key staff in your business to make actionable decisions fast. See progress of lead generation efforts and customer acquisition campaigns in a centralized easy to understand report. 

    Content Delivery Network (CDN) setup across multiple host-names to improve site loading time for your website across the US and the world allowing faster page loads and improved SEO rankings.

    Site Loading Speed Performance Optimization to improve the speed of your website with services ranging from code minification and media asset file size optimization to file type conversions.

    Secure SSL HTTPS implemented on your website to show customers your site is safe, continue dominance on search engines ranking SSL sites higher, and peace of mind for business owners that data-exchanged on their site is protected from outside parties, hackers & competitors. SSL sites receive improved search engine rankings over non secure http websites. We help fix this for you if your current website is not https secure.

    Advanced Data Backup & Recovery software used to ensure your site is able to recover from any issues fast and keep content available for users and search engine indexing to protect your powerful rankings.

    Dedicated Account Specialist always there to answer questions, review results and work progress, order upgrades and make changes to your SEO Campaign, content, and other assets designed in a streamlined fashion so you don’t waste any time.

    Photo-shoots & Video-shoots can be scheduled to create new content for a brand and publish to their website & social media channels on a launch date, press release distribution, or for general news offering.

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