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Social Media Promo & Account Management

Many entrepreneurs already wear too many hats and have to take on too many roles, constantly posting to your social media account to keep your buzz doesn’t have to be one of them. Save time by contracting a specialty social media management firm such as EMP to carefully post on a agreed upon schedule, and to interact with your fans within a context that is also decided upon. This may be an orientation towards guiding them to a consultation, sale, or other conversion such as sharing to add brand visibility if fiscal conversions aren’t available.
Prepare to relax and feel renewed marketing energy infused into your online brand. Clients get to witness social media posts streaming through their social media profiles without them having to lift a finger. On-going customization and tweaking of the messaging used to interact or content posted is encouraged by you providing feedback for us to continuously integrate into your social operation.

Social Media Management Features

We Post to Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, Twitter & More so that your content is getting viewed in front of as many potential customers as possible for every post. Additional networks available by request.

Hashtag and Keyword Research to help your brand gain exposure and followers for desired topics, trends, services, locations and more. We analyze your competitors and similar accounts frequently to come up with the next set of hashtags to include in the posts we create for you.

Reliability of Publishing when you work with us, watch posts go out daily, weekly, or monthly (depending on your plan) right on cue so you can know its being handled and focus on core aspects of your business.

Content Type Rotation to switch between more commercial call to action posts and value focused content meant to inspire your users to engage, share and comment thus improving your post’s rank on social platforms. 

Advanced Analytics available to provide insight to social follower growth, content engagement, publishing schedule effectiveness and more. Figure our the ROI on your social and social ad spend with ease. Get insight into the follower growth and publishing schedule of your competitors social media accounts as well to strategize and come up with updated posting schedules, content style, hashtags and more.

Brand Safe Content made that will make your brand look great and protect from liability of misunderstandings. We can keep content neutral, very conservative or even a bit edgy if that’s what you want!

Dedicated Account Specialist always there to answer questions, review results and work progress, order upgrades and make changes to your social media content produced in a streamlined fashion so you don’t waste any time.

Improved Messaging Over Time as our team understands the tastes of your user base, your team, and reviews analytics from postings we publish. Simply speak to your account representative to review posts and anywhere we can improve the graphics created, text utilized or hashtags used.

Daily or Weekly Posting Scheduling Options giving you the flexibility to ensure posts come out on certain days, from certain accounts, and or other timing needs.

Influencer Outreach services available to have us reach out to your industries’ top influencers with your content to increase shares, engagement and grow your following faster than by organic alone.

Strategic Keyword & Hashtag Rotation integrations to track sources of new leads, conversions, inbound click intent, and more. Easily access and share reports with key staff in your business to make actionable decisions fast

Videos & Photo Media shared on your social media accounts and video channels such as Youtube, Vimeo and natively on platforms such as Linked In and Facebook.

Social Media Syncing technologies to bring posts from all of your accounts into a centralized feed for your customers, on your site. Contact us to get your website optimized to automatically pull in and showcase all of the social media posts we are creating!

User Engagement offerings to respond to users as they comment and like your shares with pre-scripted messaging options or on-the-spot custom responses within your brand’s customer facing guidelines.

Expert Graphic Designers create beautiful posts that share your content whether that is upcoming events, launches, important news, press releases, product information, current offers, or anything else.

Easy To Upgrade For More so that you can scale with us and get more aggressive with content marketing & social media goals.

Highest Confidentiality Standards to keep your social media protected from outside parties and competitors at all times. 256 bit or better encrypted communications between our team and secure client project information storage keep your data safe.

Consistent Social Media Content Publishing


We walk the walk, not just talk the talk – check out our portfolio

Consistent posting schedule to multiple social networks

Guerrilla marketing social media marketing tactics, strategies & campaigns

Track social posting progress, content, & engagement stats 24/7

Capable of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linked In, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest

Integrate your social media management plan with our other solutions

Feedback given from client is reflected in future posting efforts

Ready to scale from to hundreds or thousands of social touch points a month

Call or e-mail our team any time to discuss results & key focus areas

Local (Orange County, Ca), National and Global service offered

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