Social Media Promo & Account Mgmt

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Posting & Fan Engagement On Your Account

Many entrepreneurs already wear too many hats and have to take on too many roles, constantly posting to your social media account to keep your buzz doesn’t have to be one of them. Save time by contracting a specialty social media management firm such as EMP to carefully post on a agreed upon schedule, and to interact with your fans within a context that is also decided upon. This may be an orientation towards guiding them to a consultation, sale, or other conversion such as sharing to add brand visibility if fiscal conversions aren’t available.

Prepare to relax and feel renewed marketing energy infused into your online brand. Clients get to witness social media posts streaming through their social media profiles without them having to lift a finger. On-going customization and tweaking of the messaging used to interact or content posted is encouraged by you providing feedback for us to continuously integrate into your social operation.



  • We walk the walk, not just talk the talk – check out our portfolio
  • Track social posting progress, content, & engagement stats 24/7
  • Feedback given from client is reflected in future posting efforts
  • Consistent posting schedule to multiple social networks
  • Capable of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linked In, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest
  • Ready to scale from to hundreds or thousands of social touch points a month
  • Local (Orange County, Ca), National and Global service offered
  • Guerrilla social media marketing tactics & strategies utilized
  • Integrate our social media management with other solutions of ours
  • Call or e-mail our team any time to discuss results & key focus areas