These Three Website Mistakes Could be Costing you Money

Jul 1, 2015 | Marketing Tips


The internet is such a useful and overly powerful tool. The benefits and unfortunate things that can come as a result of the way that your enterprise if advertised can truly set the tone for the way that your company will be perceived to the public. No one wants to go to a company and utilize their services if they have a bad reputation. Now a days, reputations begin and end online. You have to know what you are doing if you want to succeed and make money online. With that being said, here are a few things that you may be doing wrong to your website that could be costing you money. Don’t let these website mistakes derail your business.


Thing 1: The Way it’s Designed


When you are just starting off as a business, there are always going to be other companies that are ahead of you in a sense. Admire their success from a safe distance but don’t try to mimic the way that they do things. Copying the way that another company has designed their website is a great way to hurt your business. Most other companies do things that work for them and things that show the purpose of their business. You should do the same for yours.


Thing 2: Too Much Simplicity to Straight Out Bland


Keep it a little interesting. Scratch that, not a little, a lot. No one wants to go on a boring website and shop for clothes or to learn more about a company that they thought was interesting. Once they’re on your website, you’ve already done a lot because they’re looking at your business anyway. Keep them intrigued and make the design and even the wording of some of the things written on your site cool and different.


Thing 3: Update, Update, Update


One big mistake that companies often make is keeping their websites bland and boring for a long period of time. If customers already know what’d going to be on your website then why should they keep coming back to visit? There’s no need. This causes the website traffic to decrease and it also causes people to care less about what you have to offer especially if you can’t stay up to date.


These three mistakes can cost you your website and even your hard earned money and business if you aren’t careful. While you want to stick to a budget when you are building your website, you should put aside enough to be sure that your advertising is taken care of. Advertising and an up to date website is going to be what makes or breaks your business on the web in the long run.


Don’t let the accomplishments that you’ve made with your business thus far go to waste because of a few silly mistakes. Keep it hot! From updating to making sure your website stands out above the rest, you need to be sure that you are keeping it interesting if you want to succeed.

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