Youtube Video Advertisement Campaign Management

Youtube Video Advertising Campaigns

We Create New Videos And/Or Utilize Your Existing Content To Promote

Whether your the world’s next tv star or just a brand trying to educate and convert potential fans and customers, one of top video content discovery platforms to focus on is Youtube. Our team compromises of video producers, video marketers, market researchers, data analysts, google ppc and video ad specialists, and other relevant skill set experts to help manage the ultimate Youtube ad campaign.

Youtube Video Campaign Management Services include everything you need ranging from video keyword research planning and selection, along with more advanced video marketing tactics such as video retargeting. Our video promotion team will explain the various conversion metrics and targets that can be utilized to guage marketing success. Most importantly we will perform video ad testing and video ad optimization over time to improve video ad ROI. Lastly, we present a clear outline of the video ad costs and models available such as pay per view, pay per click, cost per mille (CPM aka cost per 1,000 views), and various emerging video ad formats. 



  • Keyword research and niche targeting to engage the right fan/client
  • Reporting & analytics available to the customer throughout engagement
  • Clear breakdown of expected costs, results, conversion goals, & strategy
  • Save you money by improving ROI over time with video ad optimization
  • Google Adwords & Youtube Video Ad experts with relevant experience
  • Scale your video campaign from 1,000-1,000,000 real views based on budget
  • Local (Orange County, Ca), National and Global video marketing services
  • Cross-promotion of video content with video seo & social media as addon
  • Trusted by entrepreneurs, fortune 500 and celebrities to deliver results
  • Client insight, feedback & reccomendations integrated during live campaign